Thursday, February 7, 2013

shipping break Feb 10 - March 3

Hi everyone! It's Eve here. If you've been following this blog lately, you would remember seeing a similar photo to the one above. The background is a disaster as you can see - I'm super embarrassed about it! But have to share it with you because it is the reason why we have to shut down the shipping department for the next few weeks while a major organization process gets underway. This time I'm serious! This mess needs to be contained before it gets even more out of hand. Got some pegboards from Amazon a few weeks ago and a ton of peg hooks. I can't wait to give every shop item a little place of their own on the boards. No more running back and forth and feeling silly dizzy as a result (and therefore occasionally messing up an order or two along the way).

If you've been eyeing a particular item, please order it by Saturday Feb 9th evening and I'll make sure it goes out on Sunday morning. Because comes Sunday, Eddie plans to clear everything out of the studio and start from scratch (whatever that means). I just know I won't be able to find anything for a few weeks. LOL.

After that, we are rewarding ourselves with some family time :)

Also, did you know that we are having a Valentine's Day blog hop this Saturday? Please join us then for some inspiration fun & a prize!


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