Monday, February 18, 2013

tag mini book | tutorial

Hello, all! Alissa here today with a little mini book tutorial. And, when i say little, i mean little. this little guy is tiny and so cute.

Gather up your supplies. A shipping tag, a few patterned papers, some Evalicious label stamps, Evalicious tags and an Evalicious badge or 2.

I misted my tag with a gold mist and a chevron mask. Next cut the papers in rectangles (about the size of the tag) and use the label stamps to make a pattern on the white side of the paper.

I also sprinkled all the pages (on the stamped side) with gold mist. (I'm kind of addicted to the stuff)

Next you will want to stack up the papers and the tag and fold them down the center. Run a sting through the center of the fold to bind. I used a paper piercer and a need to help me with this step.

The rest is just the decorating. The FUN part.
Here's mine...

Give it a try. You will find these little guys addicting to make. :)

Have an awesome Monday!


Lea L. said...

What a fun little mini album made from tags! Love it!

listgirl said...

Brilliant and lovely! Awesome, Alissa!

Sandra said...

How very cute and such a lovely idea.

Paula F.P. Simionato said...

just one word : PERFECT

Savi said...

OMG, love!!! Great idea, and I'm so stealing it. (Can I say *love* again?)

Live it . Love it . Make it said...

This is so cute. I Love the touches of gold, and its super mini size <3

Jeanne MW said...

It's a really fun album. I might going to try it. Bought some large tags from Studio Calico last time and they turn out really big..I can't figure out what to do with them until I saw your post. Definitely will link my post to you once I made the tag album..
Thanks for the inspiration, Eva!