Friday, March 1, 2013

So Perfect Together | Inspiration

Howdy folks, it's Natalie here today ready to share my latest Evalicious project and hoping to inspire you just in time for a couple of days off to get creative. After working all the way through last weekend I for one am so grateful it's Friday!

What I'm also grateful for is a stay-at-home-husband who looks after our girls, who cooks all the meals and who does pretty much all the housework. I'm not sure how we'd survive as a family if it wasn't for him. Now I know it's becoming more common for this 'role reversal' where it's the husband who's the homemaker while I go out and work full time, but occasionally we find we still have to break some assumptions.

For example it's been more than once that the mail comes addressed to my husband as the doctor, rather than me. But we both have a bit of a chuckle - and plus I think he secretly doesn't mind it (and neither do I especially when it's a bill!)

So I wanted to do this layout dedicated to my supportive husband and how we compliment each other perfectly :-) In fact, it all started with those cute You and Me stamps which I stamped repeatedly onto some cardstock and then easily punched out with a 1" circle punch. Scattering them across the page like this reminds me of the the confetti trend which is still popular at the moment, but on a larger scale.

By making the stamps in different tones of the same colour, overlapping them, jumbling them up, having them point at one another and generally creating confusion I figured it was the perfect representation of our relationship!! LOL!

Have a good weekend everyone :-)

Evalicious Supplies:
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You and Me Stamp
Take Note Stamp
Hello Arrow Stamp


listgirl said...

Awww this is awesome Natalie!

Lauren T said...

Totally love the idea of the scattered circles!

Lizzy Hill said...

Great page....those stamped circles are awesome & I just LOVE your idea behind your page:):):)

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