Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vacation Pics? Time to Escape! | Inspiration

The new Escape bundle is absolutely awesome... and to have it in my hands the week before our big trip to Belize?  Even more awesome!  I knew the color scheme was going to be perfect:  aqua, orange, and grey.  That's the ocean, my orange-loving son (he had orange everything already packed!), and the sand, wood, and fish we were going to be surrounded by.  *love*

Do you ever travel and think about how you are going to scrap it or what kinds of layouts you might do when you get back?  I do... and this trip was no exception.  I knew my family would be taking tons of pictures - and I was starting to get a little overwhelmed with figuring out how I'd tell the story of our time together on a tiny Caribbean island.  Then it hit me... I had the perfect embellishments.  Why not use them my favorite way?

I haven't been doing Project Life very long (I started at the beginning of this year), but I've been keeping up with it and absolutely loving how fast and free and personal it feels.  So I decided to NOT make any traditional layouts but to treat the vacation Project Life style... with a twist.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to stick to one (or two or three) photos a day, so I decided to go with a double page layout per day of vacation.  Plenty of room for pictures, stories, and quotes of the day.  *fist pump* 

So here's the first couple of days, along with a scrappy tip!
I like to make my vacation pages matchy-matchy to each other whether they are traditional layouts or not.  To do that, I like to start with a "typical" photo and match embellishments and Evalicious products to it.  Then I store it all together in a pretty bowl in case I get interrupted with other projects in the meantime, which pretty much always happens!
Day 1:  Saturday.  Getting there is part of the adventure, right?  We love to take pictures out windows as we travel as well as those random "waiting" shots.  And I love to swap pictures with my family - I didn't take any of these myself, although a few of them were on my camera.  We're sort of an "any camera available when a moment happens" group!
Left side.
Right side.
Detail shot... and how perfect are these Evalicious tags???
Day 2:  Sunday.  Nothing like jumping feet first into a vacation... and here are the pictures to prove it, along with a few quotes we didn't want to forget.  *big smiles*
Left side.
Right side.
Detail shot... and once again, I layered on those Evalicious tags and badges for fabulous dimension and a little extra story-telling power.
Evalicious goodies used on this layout:
- Escape bundle
- Days of the Week stamp set

Whether you're documenting a trip of a lifetime or just a jaunt across town, I think these Escape goodies would look great on your Project Life pages.  Well, actually, I think all the Evalicious goodies look great on any kind of page!  So, use yours.  And share what you've made!  We'd love to see them in our Flickr pool and be inspired by *your* creativity. 

- Theresa


listgirl said...

Love how you printed on your labels, Theresa, it's awesome! Makes me wish my vacation was coming up!

Valerie said...

Love love this.

TerryB1964 said...

I just LOVE your PL pages :)

Ryan Warren said...

I am confident you have an adoring fan stalking out there.
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