Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chipboard Word Mini + Evalicious | Inspiration

Hey, Evalicious friends!  Goodness, how time flies... what a wonderful, fun, exciting, and awesome 6 months it has been (yeah, kinda like Evalicious, right?).  *grin*

I recently got to go to a huge scrappy convention with my fave scrappy buddies... and one of the things I purchased (my wallet is still whimpering!) was a cool chipboard mini spelling my last name.  Well, I purchased the pages to make my last name... I thought it was amazing that the longest word that could be spelled was 8 letters (plus a backer board), which is how many I needed.  But I had no idea what I was going to do with it until I ran across a pile of photos I had intended to turn into a mini someday:  8 camping trips from 2009.  Hello, someday!

It's a little hard to see in this picture, but it spells SOVACOOL.  I like having a mini for each camping year; they are all different.  This one turned out pretty big for a mini:  5"x14" will hog up a lot of space on my mantle!
So... I'm secretly (well, maybe not so secretly) afraid of paint and mist and stuff like that.  But the rest of the (amazing wonderful super-fantabulous) DT have totally inspired me to break out some paint and just try it already...  Okay, I love it.  I love it!!!  Oh, and another thing I love?  The happy accident that has Jake (pretending to have) his finger up his nose peeking out behind the cover!  LOL
Here's the first page... with all of us goofing off, not just Jake.  *big smiles*
I had been hoarding my Getaway Badge Buttons for something camping related... so I used my two favorite ones on the page with my favorite camping trip:  Tettegouche on the North Shore.  *swoon*  And take note of the "Take Note" journaling block:  I cut it out of a larger Evalicious journaling card. 
I just needed a little something right here... and this badge button was the right color and had the right sentiment.  Peel and stick and perfect and fast - just the thing we all want, right?
I think Sam would be mortified if he knew this photo was going public.  LOL  But really.  This *is* so daily!  A strip of washi grounds the tag and the badge button nicely while filling up some dead space in my photo. 
I have a friend that gives me a hard time for not using my handwriting.  This picture, and this tag, are for her!  And, honestly, these little tags are perfect for those of us who hyperventilate at the thought of a lot of hand-written journaling.  Just a little space, for just a little word.  It's not so hard, or scary.  Well.  Not much, anyway!
As always... I sign my minis.  This one took advantage of another happy accident... there was the large letter T on the back of the mini... so I signed my last name across it.  Coolness!
There you go... one very large mini.  I kept it cohesive by using one paper line and by using white paint and white photo mats on every page.  I think the white tones it down a little, too.  As far as the Evalicious products I used, I used my hoarded badges and then just a few bundles - not that I couldn't have mixed more in, it's just that I was trying to keep my mess contained!
I would love to see you make a mini with Evalicious goodies, too!  If you do, please share it in our Evalicious Flickr pool!  Can't wait to see what you create.  *big love*

- Theresa


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