Monday, September 30, 2013

a sneak peek | shop talk

Somebody got a hold of my some of my new products - can you guess who? Cute.

Next shop update is Friday, Oct 4th.

Side note: I'm sorry to have to disappoint some of my regular Christmas Art Journal supporters but there won't be a Christmas art journal this year. The demand for them is just not there anymore with all the competition out there so I decided to let go of the tradition of making them:(. The adventure was fun while it lasted though. I do have some of the previous year's journals left if you are still interested. I'll try to put together some destash Christmas grab bags too if I have time but that may be after this shop update.

Hope to see you on Friday in the shop!


Pamela said...

Vancouver Sun??? So you are a Vancouverite??? Ohhhh I love your stamps and I'm so excited that you're in the same city!

Lizzy Hill said...

Hmmmnnnnn ...... Some little artist in the making???!!!!!!!!! Love the splash of green:):):):)

Unknown said...

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