Wednesday, November 27, 2013

black friday special | shop talk

Hi everyone, I have overstock of items from my shop that I'm doing grab bags of:) - one of tags/badges and one of stamps. It's a great way to add some fun tags/badge buttons, rubberstamps and puffy stickers to your stash if you haven't owned any Evalicious products before or even if you have;). Please help me make room for the new products that'll be arriving for shop update in January 2014.
These grab bags will consist of various items from these lines: This & That, So Daily, My Week, Documented, School's In, as well as a few items from Love You Lots and Real Life.
WHAT: tags/badges grab bag (GRAB BAG #1)
PRICE: $10 each
WHAT YOU'LL GET:  $40+ of products (paper tags from various older product lines, 4 badge buttons, talk to me puffy stickers, itinerary V2 puffy stickers)
WHEN: Nov 29 - Dec 2 (or while supplies last).
WHAT: rubberstamps grab bag (GRAB BAG #2)
PRICE: $5 each
WHAT YOU'LL GET: $25-30 of various rubberstamps from collection 1,2 &3.
WHEN: Nov 29 - Dec 2 (or while supplies last).
*PLEASE NOTE: because of the anticipated increase in shop traffic, please expect that orders will take a little longer to ship (up to 1.5 weeks). If you order more than one of the tags grab bags, you will be getting doubles of most tags. These items may be loose in baggie and not in original packaging. FOR RETAIL ORDERS ONLY.

GRAB BAG #1 may consist tagss that are not shown below.

GRAB BAG #1 may consist badges that are not shown below.

GRAB BAG #2 may consist of these stamps and more.

And a big happy thanksgiving to my US friends:)


listgirl said...

What?? Such awesome deals! I posted this on Twitter and Facebook. Too good not to share! :)

Carol said...

i got some today!!!

Kareen Brochu-Harvey said...

If we bought 2 set, do we have the same things twice?

c.darwin said...

Thanks listgirl! I just grabbed two of the mystery stamp sets. Can't wait to see!

Anna john said...

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