Friday, August 1, 2014

Fall Shop Update Sneaks | Shop Talk

Guess what came in the mail the other day?! Two puffy sticker samples that I had made because I wasn't sure about going glossy with the puffy stickers or sticking with the matte. I thought that it'd be nice to change it up. I like the alphas in the matte a lot more but the misc shapes look good in glossy. I decided to just make it consistent and stay with the matte finish. I'm so excited about them that I can't stop looking at them! :)

There'll be 6 new sets of puffy stickers from 3 new collections and one that is gold foiled. One of the collections will be Christmas/December themed - I hope you'll like them! And 3 alpha sets. Those lil cuties are 1/2" tall and perfect for PL projects. For my wholesalers, the sticker sheet is 5"x7" so it's a perfect size for PL kits.

Happy August! Hope it treats you well. Will be busy soon packing shop up. I'm working hard on your orders but slower than usual because of all the finalizing of the new products that need to go into production overseas. I know other manufacturers would gasp at my timeline. But that's what happens when I am the designing dept, shipping dept, the customer service dept and more. Haha! Thank you for your patience and your support!


listgirl said...

So exciting, Eve! Can't wait to see all the new products!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the new goodies, looks great so far :)

Unknown said...

Wow these look awesome!

Unknown said...

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