Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Look | Shop Talk

Hello friends! How do you like our new look? Go ahead, browse around on your phone, iPad - it's a responsive template. So cool! Have been wanting to change it up for a while but just kept waiting for the right time. I found out there's never a "right time". It's crazy around here. The place is a mess. I really should be working on finalizing shop stuff AND PACKING (the move is in 2 weeks and I've done nothing!) but because this has been bugging me for so long that I knew I wouldn't feel easy until it's done. So here it is. The shop is in the works. It's closed for now so that's why it's not browsable. Sorry! Please check back in early September for its reveal. 

This lovely lady helped me out with this template. Thanks Tanya!


listgirl said...

It looks great, Eve! So clean and modern.

Unknown said...

Looks great loving the new goodies!

Unknown said...

I am dreadfully thankful to all of your team for sharing such motivating information.
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