Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Project Life Catch-up | Inspiration

Hello there! This is Rachel today to share with you my Project Life progress.

For a record, I have several gaps in my past 2 years of Project Life that I have yet documented. My year 2013 is closing up well, 2014 has 2 huge gaps to fill, well this year I’m staying current (Yay!). :D And for this blog post, it’s all about 2 weeks worth of memories recorded from 2013.

It was a fast and fun morning session of Project Life-ing after I sent my boys out of the house. After printing out the photos and pasting them down on the respective PL cards, I did some stamping with Evalicious’s stamp sets and embellished with lots of puffy stickers as well as wood veneers. The page tabs and labels are prefect for the added layering.

I hope you like what you’re seeing here. If you too are a Project Lifer, on with more life documenting! Simplicity is my way of doing catch-up and being stress free. *WINK*  

Thanks for looking!


Evalicious supplies used:


Unknown said...

Beautiful, Rachel. Your little boy is so cute!

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