Friday, March 6, 2015

We Were Here | Inspiration

Hello all!  Wendy here and let's greet this month of March head on with some beachy, springy, sunshiny vibes, shall we?  In living about 40 min from the beach (hey, don't hate) and the serenity of the Gulf Coast, I am completely absorbed in the peace and calm of the ocean.  Honestly, I can say I've never experienced a 'true' winter (again, don't envy) but I do like to share up my Gulf Coast living around here.  I've probably taken a million seagull pictures but each one is so unique.  Something about seagulls (their sound is the best), pelicans (their beaks are a bit scary as one did snap at me once...ok, I digress) and the beach....well, all collective of 'easy living' to pause and reflect.  

So, let's vacay together in my project today.

Somehow my husband spends more time at the beach than I do, I'm still working out that equation. Ha!  And I always joke with him that the seagulls and pelicans are his bodyguards and best friends.  They croak at me (and steal my sandwich, truth) and soar with open wings to him .  I don't get it!  We are both quite lovable but oh well....'we were here' together. Ha!

I love the Evalicious badge buttons.  The cool typewriter words in the Vintage Maps Badge Buttons are perfect for adding to the edge of your photos.  I also used Snip Snip page tabs  and Snip Snip Labels layered around my photos too.

It's fun to mix it up with stamping as layers around photos.  I used the 'fly away' stamp from the Fly Away Stamp Set.  

I added some watercoloring and free form messy journaling as another layer on my project.  

I hope you enjoyed our mini vacation (for a moment) together!  

xo, Wendy

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Vintage Maps Mini Flatback Buttons
Escape Snip Snip Labels
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Everyday Snip Snip Page Tabs
Fly Away Clear Stamp Set

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