Sunday, August 10, 2008

draw time!!!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry you won't know what the August new mini album looks like but it's a wedding one with reds and pinks. It'll be a coffee table book--a nice and cute little way to display a few photos and memories of the event. It'll make a really cute gift too for the bride and groom. I hope to have this cutie available in my shop by the end of August also because I've got quite a few projects due and DH wants to go away for a few days on our vacation days coming up. Ok enough babbling...

So I went through my orders info and copied all the names of my etsy buyers who made purchases of $10 or more on each order. If they bought $25 worth of goodies then they'd get their name printed twice, etc. I printed up the names on the computer, cut up the pieces of paper with the names on them, put all the names in the little 'tray', put the 'tray' over my head so i wouldn't peek (excuse my pj pants--i haven't officially "woke up" yet), and drew this name...

KATKOOT! If you're katkoot on etsy, please convo me and let me know whether you would like 3 embellishment items from my shop or would like till the Wedding mini album comes out at the end of the month--your choice!
THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who made a purchase during the month of July and for making my endeavour possible!!! I hope to continue playing this fun little draw every month and I look forward to making more cute new embellishments for your scrapbooking projects and memory art projects!
Have a great week ahead:)

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