Monday, August 4, 2008

what's new?

We added a new addition to the family. She came to us on Saturday afternoon...a pretty Calico/Tabi kitty by the name of Pretty. She's been doing nothing but hide under the bed. She did come out yesterday while I was sorting laundry to explore our walk-in closet (probably looking for an escape route lol). Her and Eddie had a scrap last night cause he was trying to get her to come out from under the bed and into the bathroom for the night. After the scrap they became best friends cause she even let him feed her her food! This morning she scratched at the bathroom door to be let out and hid under the bed again. Poor Mylo's been wondering why we've been keeping him out of our room.

Working on a bulk order and almost complete with that. Fun but sore cause my stupid wrists have been bothering me. Don't know if it's because of work or just because my body's getting old and worn. Will have the new mini book out in my shop pretty soon:) The sample for another memory art project has been completed a week or so ago and waiting to be made available in the shop also--can't wait! There's lots of new stuff this month--I'm so excited! And some big shipments will be arriving also of papers, buttons, stamps, etc so that they can be made into yummy projects! Woohoo.

Will make announcements on the winner of the July draw next weekend. Winner doesn't have to decide immediately whether you want the new mini book or 3 embellishments until the new book makes its appearance. Please stay tuned... Thanks so much for playing and for all your support! As a way of saying thank you for choosing to shop with, I will continue to have monthly drawings for all people who have made purchases of $10 or more per order. If you've purchased $12 of products from my shop, that will get you 1 ticket for the draw. If you've purchased $21 then that will get you 2 tickets and so on.

Have a good week ahead!

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