Thursday, September 11, 2008

I've really been meaning to post...really! Just feels like it's the same ol' sometimes. Work work work and not enough play with my shop makes me sad. The full time job has been taking a toll on me and I wasn't even realizing it. I've been so cranky lately that the Clinical Coordinator/Team Leader asked if I was preggo! LOL. Umm i think i'm stressed not preggo!

It's not easy watching my colleagues leave one by one. My friend Laura started the job with me at the same time. We went to all our training stuff together and we've been sitting almost right next to each other for the last 3.5 years at this job. Now's she's leaving. I've got such mixed feelings on this. So happy for her that she's moving onto something new and exploring but sad because I feel stagnant and somewhat stuck.
Had a little meltdown the other day and decided I want to go part time with this job now so that I can focus more on my etsy shop . Really wanted to wait till after Christmas/New Year but don't think I can. Just really so thankful for all the support of my wonderful customers who are making this possible. I can't forget the wonderful husband who's been doing all the housework for the last few months. He's even doing the cooking now too! Don't tell his mom or she'll think I'm picking on him!
On another happy note...I get so excited when I get to talk about my shop:) The love/wedding album is finished and I will be shipping next Friday! I've used the new Scenic Route grid chipboard album 5x7 in size. Each kit comes partially add the photos, journaling, ribbons, embellishments, etc. Kit comes with everything you need to complete this album including typed instructions; all you need are photos, adhesives & a black journaling pen. So here's a little peek:

Have a good weekend!
xo, eve


Unknown said...

It's hard to work full time and run a business at the same time. Hang in there, your shop is just beautiful!

Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know I love your shop - and the great button embellies I recently bought! Keep it up and if that's where you find your heart, stick with it.

just lisa said...

What a beautiful mini album!! Good luck with your work situation and deciding on what to do - I just love your shop and just discovered you!!

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say good luck with everything. Your albums and all your other creations are beautiful. Go for it!! Hege

capu yao said...

you're so nice him and you !!!!!!
beautiful album :-D

Unknown said...

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