Sunday, November 30, 2008

how to alter corrugated board

This one is for those of you who got (or is getting) the second batch of Christmas art journals...the corrugated board that I cut to size in your journal is not altered yet. I thought it'd be neat to walk you through the process vs. doing it for you. This way, you'd learn a technique that you can use for your other projects. I love repurposing things especially because i see so much waste in my day-to-day life. So these corrugated boards are either from the box of Scenic Route wholesale goodies I just got or it's from work. Basically if you've got a box, you've got a potential mini album! Here's what you do:
1. Cut yourself a piece of corrugated board with scissors or exacto knife.
2. Find yourself something that you can wedge between the board inside the grooves. I use my Honeybee scissors. If you have a paper piercer/awl-that'll work too.

3. Once you wedge your scissors/awl in, pull up so that it lifts the top layer of the cardboard. Please be careful that you don't hurt yourself! Now rip the top layer off to expose the corrugated piece.

4. Keep repeating step 3 on the leftover top piece that didn't come off with the initial rip until you have the desired look you want.
Another cool way to use this corrugated board is to cut it into strips to add as accents to your pages/projects.
Please check back every few days cause I'll be adding my entries here. I actually kept 2 journals for last December. I did a mini book for my December Daily (inspired by Ali Edwards) and I took Shimelle's christmas journal class. I didn't make an entry into my December Daily every day--instead, I kept little post it notes (because of it's small size) of each day's happening. Some days I really didn't do all that much but it's going to be so neat to reflect back on what happened during that time in my life which I already forgot and also compare as I make this year's entry. Makes me happy:) Oh and don't forget to take a photo or 2 which highlights each day!

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Si said...

Hi Eve, it is a cool way to use this corrugated board. I used this to stamp somethings, after cut some pieces of board, I painted this and I used to stamp some background paper of my projects, but now I'll try to use to make some projects with this corrugated board. Thanks for this tip!! (sorry for my poor english, I'm brazilian and I'm trying to write something in english, I hope you can understand me.) Si