Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new items added to shop!

The weather is looking better here. We've got a big dump of snow that I've never seen before over the last month. Driving around in my car for visits was NOT fun. I was totally bottoming out with my little Yaris AND I got stuck like 3 times the day that I did end up taking it to work. Thank goodness for our security guard (and anotheAdd Imager nice colleague) and a stranger who got me unstuck. I started taking Eddie's truck after that. We decided that even though it's a gas guzzler for 11 months out of the year, it's totally worth it to have 4WD for just even one week when it snows. We also concluded that we're never moving to Winnipeg or Ontario (one of Eddie's sister is in Winnipeg and the other is moving to Ontario)!

So sad to say that it's because of this girl (my best friend) and her yummy seafood pesto pasta that I am no longer a vegan. Well not really, I started eating organic eggs a few months ago. It was really hard. I remember Eddie tried and tried to get me to but I kept refusing. I'm weak-they knew it. I'm pretty sure I won't ever go back to having pork, chicken or beef. At least my mom in law will be happy that her son is no longer completely deprived of 'real food'--haha! Anyway, i can go on about this topic forever but let's skip to the exciting news...

My etsy shop has been updated! There's a new mini album called he said she said which you'll have to check out but here's the photos. Click on the link for album description.

And so happy to offer the Sweetheart Combo pack which saves you $!

The Love album is also back in stock. I love that little cutie! It's improved too--comes with a second set of typed caption so that you can use it for a love album vs. wedding. I'll let you go now so you can go check out the stuff. Have a good day-I'm back to my other part time job starting tomorrow for 3 days:) I love working only 3 days there-makes it bearable.


Angie Blom said...

OH I am just loving your bolg and your etsy store... you have some fun cool product there.. will have to get one of those albums... I was on Ali's Blog and saw your stuff, just had to check you out and it is all great. will be checking in often.. thanks

Unknown said...

I just discovered your univers (thanks to Ali E.) ! I love love love your work and I'm deeply deeply sad I'm not able to become one of your customer :-( I don't have credit card anymore ! Snifff snifffff ;-)
I will come and visit you really often ! You're amazing ! Smooches from a sewer lost in Belgium LOL

~kellyann~ said...

LOVE your creations, Eve! I was waiting for your new stuff to be added to etsy and ordered three things.
Sent the money order out to you today- so I'll be anxiously waiting for the mailman so I can play!!
Stay warm!
Kelly B
West Bend, WI

Unknown said...

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