Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Took a few hours off of packing things/working on shop stuff to go to a colleague's fairwell party (yes, another one left us). She's my go-to person for Diabetes stuff-love that she's always so helpful. It's funny like that in home care--we get so many people with the same health problems for a chunk of period of time then we get another group and another. So by the time the same health problem comes back around again, I'd have to look things up again. Guess it's a good thing-the more my brain works the less chance i'll end up with Alzheimer's!
So this is Laura and me. I love these photos-it makes people feel sorry for me and they always end up offering to take a photo. LOL!

Another coworker friend's little girl. She's so stinkin' cute. There were a lot of kids there and it wasn't even noisy! Makes me kinda look forward to having our own soon.

Eddie partially moved me/my studio downstairs. It used to be family room we rarely used with a big white comfy couch that's Mylo's. The poor little guy was so lost without his couch--it took a few days for him to get used to the fact that we moved it on him! It's on the 2nd floor now. The computer made it down and some shipping stuff. There's a LOT more to go like my whole studio and the closet that's in the room beside my studio. There's a lot of thought going into this (his not mine). The tv is temporary cause it's so big. I need a plasma one:P. I do a lot of sitting on the couch and making things at the same time so it makes sense to put a couch down here. The couch is actually half of our L-shape sofa. I don't know how everything else is gonna fit but Eddie's taking care of that. I'll take some before and after shots when there's more progress. I can't wait for this space to be complete.

When we first moved in, there was no way in this world that i was ever going to get this whole large area as my studio according to my husband. I convinced him by leaving a pile of this and a pile of that in the living room, the kitchen island, the kitchen table, downstairs and all over my studio! Hey it worked! LOL.

This is the view from the staircase leading into this space. I've been working hard-stuck to that green chair for like 7 hours packing up orders on Monday! Gotta go work on the next batch of 'to ship' stuff tonight. Then back to the regular grind tomorrow for 3 days.
Thank you SO MUCH for another overwhelming response to my shop items--you guys are best!! I can't wait to share more. xo, eve


Eklectik_diva said...

Just wanted to let you know that your stuff is so cute and that your etsy site is so very dangerous, but I love it. Dangerous to the ol' wallet!!
Each time I see a new item, I need one!!!
Can't wait to see your new items!!

Kelli said...

I outgrew one room and we had to renovate, move walls to make me another one. There's NO way I'll be allowed another larger room, or even an additional room! Just means I have to be super organized! Like that will ever happen.
I feel a bit sad for your Milo!

wanda miller said...

Eve, Hi my name is Wanda Miller and I just received my order today, thank you. I received my kit w/buttons, stamp set but I did not receive the pack of yellow/green buttons that I ordered and so wanted. Please let me know when I should receive them. Also, the kit said something about tutorial? Thank you wanda my email is 93miller@bellsouth.net

eve johnson said...

Hi Wanda, just in case you check here again for a reply...I just sent you a reply on your email. I've tried emailing your pdf tutorial to the email you provided but it came back as undeliverable. I sent a message to you on etsy but never heard back from you. Please email another email address to me if possible: eve_johnson@live.com I'm terribly sorry about the yellow/green buttons--I'll get them out to you asap k? Thanks!