Monday, February 2, 2009

Didn't get much done in the last week and a half except sew more button embellishments and tidied up the new space a little. Eddie did most of the hard work of bringing down and setting up everything. I'm loving it here already. I got a little sitting area (our couch from upstairs has a home down here now). It's still really messy cause I just worked 4 days straight and was just too tired to do anything with the room. Eddie made another trip to Ikea the other day and bought a little white coffee table and put it on castor wheels for in front of the couch. Um you can't see it cause it's covered with crap. Eddie's mom gave me her little tv so we don't have to buy one after all-love that! There's a little island behind the couch where my vintage typewriter and heavy duty cutter sit. In the back are 2 chrome shelves from Costco (bought the first one a few years back when I saw how Ali used them-love it!). Love how everything is in plain site. On the left side is my main work table (totally needs cleaning up). Will post some nicer photos once everything is purged or in its place.

Next Etsy shop update will be mid-end of this month. Will get creative again once this mess is cleaned up. Thanks for your patience! I can't wait to share:) -eve