Monday, July 13, 2009

art journal entry

Just felt the need to create last night and made this entry in my art journal. Had this thought and just wanted to record it down before I forget.

Journaling reads: Just had a fuzzy thought about how lucky I am to have my shop. To get to make things that make people smile:). Would probably be wandering around the home bored right now as I write about this feeling if I didn't have cute things to make & fun projects to start. Even though I do feel stressed out about this shop sometimes. Like "will they (my customers) even like this particular item?" Then I'm blown away @ the response I get. Such an amazing feeling. LOVE!

Supplies: Hallmark envelope (sealed) in Everyday Vintage Art Journal , Evalicious So Lucky Quote Bubbles (only a few left in shop), Love Elsie stickers, masking tape.

Today, I came home from Yoga and found this waiting for me by the front door and got so excited!!! My used Gocco has arrived-woohoo!

I wanted to do so much with this machine. I got to playing around with it all afternoon and nothing! Can't get the darned thing working. I don't get the cracking sound and flash that I'm supposed to when I'm trying to make an image on the mesh screen. So frustrated-grrrrr! I hope the Ebay seller that I bought it off from will do something about this.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lovely page :)
i want to see more of your scraproom, it looks really nice :)
hope you get that gocco in the works, will we see some prints in the shop soon ?? ;)