Tuesday, July 14, 2009

welcome to Evalicious' (messy) studio!

Thanks Marie, for reminding me that I've been meaning to share a bit more of my studio. So here it is! My space is on the bottom floor of our 1642 sq foot townhome. It used to be the entertainment room and my craft studio used to be in one of the other 2 spare bedrooms. I outgrew that room when my Etsy shop grew. It was either move me downstairs or risk the floor caving in from my ever growing collection of things. LOL!

Like I was saying, I was playing with my Gocco (which didn't end up working BTW), shipped off some items the other day and have been working on a few projects so please excuse the mess!! This is the view I get when I come downstairs:
In the right corner of the room is the microwave stand that my MIL gave to me. The little tv was supposed to be on top so that I can watch tv and work on my shop stuff (its disappearance is why I end up moving all my stuff to work on upstairs). The basket holds some of my mini albums:).

The ever messy computer desk...

The homemade printer stand (that Eddie put together from 2 old cabinets cause I was too cheap to let him buy a new one) and book shelf that's next to the computer desk. Eddie framed a layout of mine (previously published in Scrapbook Trends) with an IKEA shadow box frame.

A peek at what's going on behind the couch...

Love my vintage typewriter but it's been acting up lately...
And then there's my fave part of the space, my craft table and wall shelving unit:).
I know it's real messy right now. It only means that there'll be more cute things in the shop soon:D!

And the IKEA white cabinets...
What's behind the top 2 doors: misc stuff, heavy duty hole puncher, thick thread in white basket, UM rubber and acrylic stamps in white binders, more stamps in punch/salad bowl, more acrylic stamps in gray IKEA CD case box, wood drawer unit houses ink pads.

What's behind bottom door: punches and more punches, and altered art stuff.

Ok so now it's your turn to share your scrap space!


Kelli said...

Not messy at all!

Spirit Jump said...

Hi Eve!!

I wanted to stop by and say hello and to thank you for being a part of Spirit Jump. I just finished creating one of the photo cubes you sent us a while back for one of our Cancer Patients. It turned out SO nice!! Thank you SO much, again for donating it to us.

I also wanted to invite you to participate in our Summer Getaway Giveaway we are hosting at Spirit Jump. We are giving away 2 Domestic Round Trip Airline Tickets as well as a "Think Pink" Golf Putter!! It is our biggest Giveaway yet and don't want you to miss it!!!

Thanks again for all of your support and participation in the Spirit Jump program, I cannot tell you how much your efforts are appreciated!

Spirit Jump Co-Founder

Anonymous said...

thanks alot for sharing so quick :)
i love your room!!! it really shows alot of creativity *love*

Leigh-Ann said...

Your studio is really pretty :)

capu yao said...

how lucky you are !!!!!!!!!

i love the typewriter ;-) is it possible to order you a special text ? in french for example ;-)

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Daniel Martine said...
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