Saturday, July 18, 2009

happy weekend!

for you maybe! LOL! I have to work work at my other job. And it was crazy busy:(. Wish I was working on shop stuff instead.

So when I was taking photos of my studio the other day, my eyes came across this layout again...the photo had fallen off the layout and had been like that for who knows how long! I originally made it to inspire me to spend less. I'm funny in the sense that I totally confess to my husband when I've been spending too much. He's always so understanding-it's kinda sick! :) LOL! So he said to me one day: "aren't you sick of working all the time and never getting ahead?" I don't remember what year i made this cause silly me forgot to write it down. DUH! So I re-adhered the photo back on and added some Evalicious embellies. Now it can go back up on my corkboard. I'm happy again!

Journaling reads: I told you that I've been outta control w/ the spending. I've been wanting & buying almost everything that's sb related. I know I don't need it but I still buy it. So you said this to me..."aren't you sick of working all the time and never getting ahead?" You know what? I am. Thanks for helping me look @ this w/ a new perspective. Now on, necessities only.
Has anybody said anything that was inspiring to you lately?
Have a good weekend! We're going for Japanese and I'm gonna have me the yummy tempura udon and a dynamite roll! :P.
xo, eve

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