Sunday, July 12, 2009

happy sunday!

So this is a little peek at what I was up to early last month-putting together another 50 of the Everyday Art Journals. The poor husband didn't like how I still took over the main floor of our living headquarters even though my studio is a lot bigger than what it used to be. Oh well!

The books piled high on our dining room chairs as I put each page into the rings. They look so cute!

It was quiet at work on Friday and I spent like 30 minutes rummaging through the recycle bins. I guess one of the Speech Language Pathologists cleaned her office cause she chucked a LOT of cool stuff in there. Needless to say, her crap became my treasure-some of the stuff was vintage too! So can't wait to include these in a kit that I've got in the works.

Eddie went to his hockey team's bbq but I was feeling kinda antisocial so stayed home with sweet Mylo. We had dinner, went to the dog park and I got to cover a whole bunch of chipboards with fabric. Yep, making more coptic journals! So pretty:).

Went downstairs this morning to see Eddie taking photos of Mylo. Yeah, we're weird-we still think it's so stinkin' cute that our dog loves to put his head on fluffy things to relax. For example, this blue doggie plushie that my bf bought him and our pillows on our bed!
Gotta go get my car insurance renewed and ship off some packages. Just didn't have enough energy to do it yesterday-not that I have more energy today. This weather + Bikram's yoga = not a good combo.
Have a great Sunday everyone!
xo, eve


~kellyann~ said...

AWESOME recycled treasures!
Glad you snagged those papers for your kits.

Have a great week!

Kelli said...

Both our dogs would prefer to have a pillow. Our Golden can not have a stuffed animal, he eats them and then pukes up Tim Bits of stuffies in the middle of the night.

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