Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So cool to get to share that this is the number of feedbacks I've received since I started my shop on Etsy in May 2008.
And I've read every single one of them. Thank you for taking the time to leave me one after you've received your goodie package. You have no idea how much it means to me when I see a new one every time! Brings a smile to my face:). Especially if it's positive of course;).

Feels so good to also say that I'm caught up with shipping so will hopefully have time to clean this messy studio up soon and get started with some fall projects:). So excited!
So there's talk about doing another Hawaii cruise next year between Eddie and I. We love it there SO MUCH! Just doing some reminiscing by going through our Hawaii photos taken early June 2008. Getting ready to use some in my new Escape Art Journal or maybe in a future travel mini album;).

US goofing around at the marriage license office in Honolulu
Eddie goofing around during the safety drill onboard
silly nonslip duck shoes we got to wear on our rainforest hike in Maui for walking in water. This photo still makes me giggle when I look at it.
Yummy fresh coconut after the hike:)

walking along the streets in Maui-SO beautiful!
at a luau in Kauai
missing Mylo-Eddie found a bone shaped homemade treat in his pocket!
Got a wedding to go to this weekend so will see if I can fit back into a skinny dress of mine. Haven't tried any on since going to yoga so wish me luck!
xo, eve


Kelli said...

Love your faces in the first picture!

Candace said...

Love your blog!! Love your shop too! Can I ask what you use to glue paper to your felt? I use glue dots but over time they fall off. Thanks so much!

evalicious said...

I know Kelli! We were trying to be funny...our "are we really ready for this???" face. LOL!

Candace, I often use terrifically tacky tape or thermoweb tape (the one with the dark pink/red sticker backing).

Margaret said...

I just found your blog through your shop. Your shop and blog are both great.

Petra Coolen said...

Just found your etsy shop.
WOW, looks all so jummy!!

Anonymous said...

i just found stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it! i'm from originally from hawaii (now living in SF) and LOVE the pictures. homesick....