Monday, August 10, 2009

this man

is way too good to me:). He has 2 jobs, looks after our Mylo most of the time on top of making sure that our home is liveable and that we are fed. AND he also helps me with my shop. You know those pinked circles? And the dictionary flowers? He helps me punch some of them. This is him yesterday putting together the Escape Art Journals into their baggies.

Love him to death:).

Here's Mylo right by his side-heehee.

US (in our bum clothes-lounging at home doing kits).

And the winner for the special draw in July to win a baggie of embellies worth $20 is Villakanerva. I'll convo you on Etsy so I can get your goodies out to you:).
I'm feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude right now in the response to my shop from all my wonderful customers. Thank you SO MUCH once again for the support! Really, without awesome customers, this wouldn't be possible. Thank you for allowing me to keep creating fun stuff:).

All orders up to August 8th (inclusive) has been shipped-woohoo! Please expect a package in the mail just for you in 4-10 business days' time. Orders placed yesterday and today will go out tomorrow. Was gonna make another Post office run this evening but thought i'd give the people there a break (until tomorrow).

I can't wait to get this studio cleaned up so that I can make some more fun pages with my new art journal-makes me smile thinking about it.

happy happy monday! xo, eve


Tanja said...

OMG!! I have really win something!! Yey!! :D I will convo you on Etsy as you requested.

And by this message you know now that I also read your blog :)

Kelli said...

Very sweet that he helps you!

Meghan said...


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Neusinha said...

I want to buy this kit ESCAPE .... but I can not.
I live in Brazil, and is necessary for the kit plus the freight does not exceed $ 50. If you exceed $ 50, be taxed at 60%, which is very difficult and expensive. Thanks

Rita said...

I just got my kits today for the art journals - LOVE THEM. Can't wait to play.

Thanks for the inspiration.


robin said...

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