Thursday, August 27, 2009

i thought of her today

was at work today and the topic of me being part Vietnamese (and Chinese) came up. Then I thought of my friend Yolanda and how she shared that she was super upset with me at the beginning of our friendship because I wouldn't admit to being part Vietnamese. Because she's Vietnamese and wanted it to be a common denominator between us I guess:). Not that I didn't want to honey. I knew that I was born there. My parents just never disclose the information that my maternal grandmother is actually Vietnamese. What weird parents I have! Missing my friend again:(.
Need some retail therapy (an excuse to see her).

So bad cause I think I'm a workaholic now. I can't stop;). Taking a break from shop stuff and Yoga Friday evening to see this friend who I also miss.

Will do more shop stuff over the weekend and into Mon/Tues. What are you doing this weekend? Hugs, eve