Monday, August 31, 2009

rest, relax & play

Who is silly enough to forget that she has vacation? ME! I didn't remember I booked a last minute vacation last month for this week (well actually 12 days-it's only 3 days worth of vacay but because I only work part time, it turns out to be 12 woohoo days off!!). So I'm officially on vacation (from my other job that is)-but totally working like mad on my shop. And of course enjoying some hubby/Mylo time.

Started my vacation off on Friday evening with a trip with Mylo to my friend Karen's. She made me yummy dinner on the bbq. I had too many servings of her corn & barley salad-yum!

Then she put me to work:). We baked doggie treats! So fun. I've been so busy with the shop that I've been totally lazy with making Mylo homemade treats. I miss baking, Mylo drooling all over the place, and my almost falling on my ars from slipping on Mylo's drool pools.

I've been uber inspired by the lovely Vee Jennings and decided to add a little color wash love to my next project:). Here's a peek:

Project will be revealed soon and will be in shop later this month. I'm anxiously awaiting for fall to arrive. Have been working on fall goodies and feeling all warm and fuzzy:). Also itching to cover chipboard with those fabric pieces but haven't had a chance yet. Maybe in a day or 2. hugs, eve


Vee said...

yay, I love it!!! :)

Kelli said...

What is it about retrievers and their super slippery drool? I am always the one to step in it.

Anonymous said...

ohh i want to make home made dog goodies too!!

i love the sneak peak, can't wait to see the rest and your fall stuff :)

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