Wednesday, September 2, 2009

double stitch on coptic journal covers

For those of you who've purchased my Coptic Art Journal tutorial and kit and one of my completed Fabric Art Journals, you'll notice that in the tutorial, I only taught you how to do a single stitch around the covers to make things less confusing since it was your first try at the book. If you're onto your 2nd or third one and you want that double thickness of thread around your cover, then just follow the steps below. It's super easy really!

After you've brought your thread/needle around the front cover once (from the outside of the cover to the inside), you'll bring the thread to the right side of the "hinge".

Bring needle/thread through the same hole again from outside of front cover to inside

Pull rest of thread so that it sits flush against the cover next to the first stitch.

Bring thread from inside to outside of spine (next the hinge again).

Do this to all 4 holes on front cover. After that, you're ready to continue with Step #22 in your tutorial.

Don't forget to do this to the back cover too when you get to the end:).

xo, eve

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Mel said...

hi Eve,
thank you for posting the extra tutorial!!!