Wednesday, September 2, 2009

how to measure linen thread (for coptic books)

How long to cut your linen thread for your Coptic books?

Another tip for those of you who purchased the Coptic Art Journal tutorials.

I line up the linen thread along the length of the spine once...

...twice and so on. I just keep moving the thread along the spine until I've counted 12. See? Really no need to measure with a ruler.

The general rule of thumb/equation I once read was:
(length of spine) X ( #of signatures + 2) = length of linen thread per 2 holes/needles used

If you made 4 holes along your signatures' spines and used 4 needles, then you need 2 of these threads at the above mentioned length. I always like to add another so many inches to this thread length to really make sure I don't run short near the end.

If you do end up running out of thread before finishing stitching your book, you can always tie another piece of thread onto your current one and continue working. I'd make sure that the tail of your first thread is coming out of one of the holes on the signatures. Tie 2 dead knots flush against the spine then continue on with your stitching. This will leave 2 tails on the outside of the spine which I think adds interest. And it lets you really use up all your slightly too short pieces of thread. If you don't want any tails showing on the outside, then join your thread/tie knots inside a signature.

Hope everything makes sense. Let me know if you have questions by emailing me:

:) eve


One Creative Life said...

Thanks Eve. I was running out of thread for mine and trying to decided to add more or start over with longer thread. How do you keep the knots small without tearing the pages? I keep doing that :(


evalicious said...

hi erica, the 2 dead knots when done on the outside of the spine actually blends in with the stitches. It just sticks out when you look at it from the side. It'll be bulkier when you do it inside each signature. I don't see how doing this will tear your pages. Are you talking about something else? As for starting over...if you unravel all the thread and start over, the holes in your signatures will be bigger and will not look as nice when you are finally finished with the book. -eve

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