Thursday, September 17, 2009


I went out to the Cloverdale fleamarket with my parents 2 or 3 weekends ago and got really poopy pants by the end of the venture cause my dad was taking FOREVER to pick out Cedar trees for the front of his house (to replace the ones that are not doing so well). They live on a super busy street and should be buying the bigger ones just so they can get privacy immediately vs waiting 20 years for them to get to the ideal size. He's such a bargain hunter it's sorta ridiculous. Even my brother was offering to buy the trees at the more expensive price just so they'd stop bugging us to call nurseries for them-LOL! So I pointed out to my dad, "do you realize how much money you are actually spending on gas to come out all this way several times just so you could save like $20?" He says, "I know I'm not saving any money. I wanted to come out this way anyway with your mom - it's like we're out on a date." AAWWWWW. Pretty cute:).

Wanted to share a layout I did a few years back to celebrate my parents 30th anniversary. I used an ad in a style at home magazine for inspiration.

Got into a playing mood with white Stazon and stamped the "&" and stars border with it. Joined the little journaling strips with actual metal loops:). Layout makes me smile because these 2 don't show affection towards each other much around the kids.

xo, eve


Amber said...

I love that color palette (and those metal rings!!).

Kelli said...

Very nice! The layout and your dad wanting to spend time with your mom.