Saturday, September 19, 2009

Me the Listmaker & where's Eve?

Still being busy and happy to say that this list is getting checked off one by one:).

Once again making a mess here.

A peek at some new felts sayings that I've been working on (fall & halloween:)).

Not here:).

note to my husband (cause he reads this blog sometimes):
I love you Eddie for putting up with my mess when it's time to prepare for another shop update (which is all the time;)).
Will be stepping away from the blog for a few days but please be sure to check back here mid next week for a surpise and another giveaway!
happy weekend:) -eve


Amber said...

I'm jealous of how organized your "mess" looks like compared to mine. I'm attempting to put a baby book together for my friend right now and my livingroom looks like a tornado zone. It doesn't help that I have no appointed "creative area" in my house.

Anonymous said...

you look so organized !!
cant wait to see the update :)