Thursday, September 10, 2009


So pooped and going to bed soon but thought I'd say a quick hello. All frazzled today cause when I got into work, found out that there was an electrical leak and that they were shutting down our electricity for a few hours. First thought was, "WTH?" and second was, "woohoo, maybe no work today!". Third thought, " ah wishful thinking." Anyway, I survived. 3 more days to go.

Wanted to share some pretties in the making. I oversold on this set of assorted mix because I miscounted how much I had left in stock. So I pulled everything out again and managed to make another 16 more sets of these. Used the embroidery floss plastic containers to house these guys. Makes me feel so neat and tidy:).

Oh I LOVE the little pair of green/blue embroidery scissors-they're my fave for cutting thread/floss:). Found them at Michael's and used my coupon on it. They fit perfect inside the plastic container. Makes me happy that I can drag stuff like this conveniently with me on the go.

**Check back this weekend for another giveaway k?**

xo, eve


Kelli said...

You have such a knack for putting the pretty things together!

Mona said...

Hi Eve

Goog work, Dear!!

I know how it is to miscount, and then hurry, hurry, hurry to fix it

Take care now, Girl and enjoy the weekend.