Thursday, September 3, 2009

how about a giveaway?

Can't believe it's September already! Where's the time gone? As much as I've enjoyed summer-this cooler weather is totally making me beg for fall to just come already! I can't wait to start wearing soft, fuzzy pjs & sweats around the home again:). Not to mention those Michael Kors rubber boots that I splurged on in the Spring!

Love how these photos remind me of fall-me in comfy pjs cuddling with our soft Golden beast and sewing shop stuff in sweats-LOVE!

So there's no big announcement yet-I'm still anxiously waiting!! It's gonna be so cool! Just carrying on my days as usual in the meanwhile.
Made another post office run today. Thank YOU for keeping me busy!
Like I've promised, there's going to be random giveaways of Evalicious goodies throughout this month and who knows-maybe into next month too! Let's start the first one off today cause I can't wait:).
If you've checked out the side bar (right) of my blog where the flickr display thingamajiggy is, you'll have noticed that I've added new images to my account. I've gone PRO-so cool! Leigh-Ann at Freckled Nest convinced me:). I've added a lot of my older projects so I hope you find some inspiring enough to make you want to make stuff.

Anyway, go on over to my flickr

and add me as a contact for a chance to win $15 worth of Evalicious embellies. If I'm already a contact, you're still entered for the giveaway:).

Giveaway closes Sunday Sept 6th 8pm PST. I'll announce the winner on Monday Sept 7th. Good luck!


Suzanne said...

i was just writing on my own blog about how much i can't wait for autumn!!!
comfy cozy clothes are my fave :)

scrappysue said...

Wish I could get into Flickr, but it is banned in Dubai (I know, crazy eh?!). Good luck to everyone in the contest! Sue

humel said...

I think I did it - I now have a brand new flikr account, will have to play with it later! Can you tell if I managed to add you as a contact, Eve? My username is humel. Thanks for the chance to win! PS Also promoted this contest in my blog :-)

Unknown said...

Done! I can't wait to see what you're up to. Love the cozy pics.

LRH said...

Done! Added you... now 2 contacts! Whooo!!

Rachel said...

Added you! Thanks for all the brilliant inspiration. :)

Melissa said...

I've added you as a contact. Great stuff!

yankin2002 said...

O, thanks for the chance to win! Just added you on Flickr as my_daisy_days:)