Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet Evalicious

You're probably wondering how this company name came to be right? Well here goes...a cute friend I had a while back thought it was a fitting name for me for some reason that I don't know of. It was around the time that Destiny's Child's single Bootylicious was popular so Evalicious was born. When I was active on 2peas and a few years back, I needed a stage name so Evalicious just stuck with me. My stage name then became my company name in May 2008 when I started offering my embellishments, memory art kits & handmade books for sale on Evalicious now represents me & the fun stuff I make.

So who is Evalicious?

My name is Eve Johnson (used to be Tran), I'm wife to Edwin and mama to Golden Retriever Mylo. I'm 32 years old, a part time nurse and living my dream designing for and managing my online shop.

I've always had a dream ever since I graduated from my nursing program in 2003 to one day go part time or leave the profession altogether so that I can create things full time. For some reason, I wasn't as passionate about nursing as I thought I would be. It's hard work and sometimes not very good for me mentally:(. That's a whole other story LOL! Now, life just can't get any better...I only have to "be a nurse" 3 days a week and I get to play in my studio all I want the other 4 days of the week:). With more play time in the studio, I'm happy to say that I can design and put out kits more regularly and create more new fun things to keep my shop fresh & interesting.

This is where I create things most of the time

My artwork has been published in Creating Keepsakes, stamp It Cards, Scrapbook Trends, Canadian Scrapbooker magazines. I'm also the winner of Creating Keepsakes magazine's "Turn In Your Friend" contest in 2006 and one of's $20K 2006 contest winners.

I'm a tv junkie again as soon as fall comes but not too sure if I'll have time for that now that I'm also a Bikram yoga junkie. I LOVE Thai & oriental food. I think that a vacation is never complete without an oriental meal. I also LOVE the colours blue & green as you can tell by the items in my shop. Having my shop has taught me to embrace all colours though:). Some other loves include photography, my camera the Nikon D70s, my Tamron lens, fabric, paint, BUTTONS, punches, felt, old papers, other papers, ribbons...I probably could go on forever. But instead of doing that...why don't I just keep this blog updated regularly so that you can get to know me & my shop a little more? :)


kam said...

Hi Eve - I have been reading your blog ever since I found it through Ali Edward's blog and sooo enjoy it. Thank you for posting more often!) I was wondering if you would share what kind of punch you use in your "sew grateful" journal. It looks like the paper is pretty thick. Does it also punch through fabric too? Thanks - Kam

kam said...
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BertaiPolete said...

Hi Eve,
Many thanks for sharing about you. I also met you in Ali Edwards's blog and since them I've been admiring your products regularly in etsy. I was happy to discover also your blog.
Best Regards from Catalonia

LRH said...

Thanks Eve for telling us about you! The blogging community is somewhat new to me and I've been reading your blog for months. Honestly, I forget where I came across it... and instantly fell in love with your style and shop! Can't wait to see more!!

Sheen said...

i can't remember if i've commented yet or not...

but just wanted to tell you that i love your blog and enjoy reading it!

your creativity is inspiring!

yankin2002 said...

Hi Eve, that`s so much interesting to read about your life, thanks for sharing, I enjoy your blog, it`s very inspiring, I hope you`ll be 7-day creator soon:))