Saturday, September 5, 2009

meet our garage

Eddie and I took this past week off and were going to go somewhere but decided to stick around the home instead. He tackled the big project he's been talking about for the last few months. Organizing our garage. That's funny-seemed like just yesterday that he did that. That's cause his lovely wife keeps ordering more supplies before the last batch is used up! ;) Gotta say that he has a lot of patience.

see all those shelves? It's filled with my supplies! We were choked that we had to spend a few hundred dollars on shelves/plastic bins at IKEA a few months back but boy do they make things easier to find and somewhat neater. Look at all the sticky notes that Eddie made and tacked onto the boxes so I know what's what. Isn't he cute? Not so cute when he had to bug me for the post it notes, then the sharpie marker, then the scissors cause I wouldn't let him use my "expensive" post-it notes. Hey I bought those with the intention of journaling on them-they're these cardstock thick stuff from Post-it with blue lines on them. So he had to cut white computer paper pieces and tape those onto the boxes instead. I'm so mean:P.

While I'm trying to get things done on the computer, I'd hear the door leading to the garage open some more and someone's head peeking in asking (more than once), "Evie, I found these, do you want to keep it or should I donate it?" Bless his heart, I wasn't impressed. I later found out that it was that time of the month:P.

The other side of the garage, also filled with my stuff. I'm starting to see a resemblance of myself to my dad, the pack rat. Will have to sort through some of those boxes that are filled with good stuff that I was gonna sell at craft garage sales but never did and do RAK soon. How does that sound?
I get the day off from yoga per my RMT. Saw him yesterday and will see him again today:). He actually wants me to take Saturday, Sunday AND Monday off to give my muscles a rest after all the hard work he did. Uh we'll see about Monday. I don't think Eddie's too pleased with all the days off of yoga because yoga makes Eve mellow and Eddie likes Mellow Eve especially when it's that time again:). Heehee.
Plan to get lots done today! Happy Saturday:).


Erin said...

haha..."Auntie Flow time". I tend to consume lots of chocolate, get all cozy in sweats and a big sweater (eventhough it is 25C outside) and watch either a really, really scary movie and make cards or fall asleep by 9pm. Most of my family doesn't like to be around me or ask too many questions...if they can help it!

Hope all goes well. Can't wait to see your new products...YAY!

Kelli said...

We are in the process of building a garage. Before anything gets put into it, we have to do a huge purge. I'm a bit of a pack rat too. I like to keep boxes.

Chedder Fish said...

Isn't that the best feeling though, finally tackling a big project like that and getting it over with! I love the days I'm super motivated by surprise.