Sunday, September 6, 2009

made this a while back

a tradition: everytime we go to the US together...if I drive, you'd buy lunch. And if you drive then I'd buy lunch. I've been driving more often mostly because I'm the one itching to go and your car is not in the best condition. I must say I love the free lunches.

How do you like our different faces? LOL! normal, kisskiss, "what are you doing?" and passport face. Just felt like being silly.

I felt like reminiscing so went looking through my scrapbook albums. Got a few giggles and it felt good:). Don't you do that occasionally? Love how these moments would've easily been forgotten if not recorded. NOTE TO SELF: need to do more scrapbooking.

This page reminded me again that I should get my passport renewed. I got so lazy and totally just let it expired. Now I'm itching to go down to WA to go shopping-darn it! I so NEED to go to Paper Zone. I'm totally jealous of those of you who live near one!

My parents tell me that the neighbours who shared the duplex with us in Vietnam ended up moving to the US while we ended up in Canada. Wouldn't it be cool if I ended up in the US too? Shipping would be so much cheaper for my US customers:). I guess that wouldn't be a good enough excuse to move to a new country?

Answers to some of your questions...
kam said...
Hi Eve - I have been reading your blog ever since I found it through Ali Edward's blog and sooo enjoy it. Thank you for posting more often!) I was wondering if you would share what kind of punch you use in your "sew grateful" journal. It looks like the paper is pretty thick. Does it also punch through fabric too? Thanks - Kam
September 4, 2009 8:45 AM
-Hi Kam:), this tutorial/kit come with chipboard that is not too thick so I only used a regular 2 hole punch (from your office supply store). Yes, it punched my fabric as well (because it was already glued onto the chipboard). If you were to punch thicker chipboard then the Cropadile would be your best bet.

Janice said...
hi there-I have always wanted a printers/letter tray or two. Did you find them locally? I am in the Lower Mainland too.Thanks,!
-Janice, I bought all mine on Ebay:).

Happy Sunday:)

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