Saturday, October 17, 2009

Label Tulip

Label Tulip October kit

I love custom order requests that I get for kit clubs so thank you to those who have ordered from me in the past :). Such a privilege to work with small business owners like myself.

Was so excited when I got a request from Jennifer (who is btw SUPER sweet), the new owner of Label Tulip to make some of my embellies for their October kit. Label Tulip has this awesome idea of choosing and supporting an Etsy artist every month by including the artist's handmade goods into their kits. How sweet is that? I was so honored to be their 'Etsy Extra' for the month. If you haven't heard of Label Tulip, please go check them out.
Please join me on Monday to learn how to do the pamphlet stitch and make a cute super mini album - perfect as an affordable stocking stuff :).
Gonna get started on Christmas stuff this weekend- so excited! Haven't felt good all week so have been putting it off and been a little quiet (will tell you why maybe later).
Happy weekend:). Luvs, eve


Amber said...


I can't wait to see what new stuff you come up with and I'm excited to learn something new!!

Kelli said...

How exciting for you!

milkcan said...

Loved working with your beautiful embellishments this month! Thanks so much!!!!!

Rachel said...

Very cool!! On both accounts if I am guessing right.