Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look what I came home to the other day...

This is what I saw right when I walked inside the front door (down the stairs). It's so cute compared to the messy computer desk that used to be where the couch is.

The old glass table where the computer was is now my new work surface:).

The little area where I used to create stuff is the computer's new home. I'm expected to keep this area tidy (apparently) ;).

An extra work table behind the glass one. Husband really wants to keep me contained down here:P.

I think this has got to be the coziest l'il tv watching area so that we can hang out together in the same room if I need to do shop stuff.

Of course, can't forget the most dreaded part...the mess that's been cleared off all the table tops is now on the floor and waiting for me to clean it up.

Hope you're having a good week:).


Michelle said...

Love your work area, and your Coach bag!!!! It was comforting to see the messy part....doesn't make me feel so bad. LOL

Anonymous said...

wow what a fabulous space!!!

Kelli said...

Looks great! Very bright and inviting.

Val said...

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Thanks so much,
Val Theurer

Tessa Buys said...

Beautiful! I've been thinking about re-organizing my space - thanks for the inspiration!

evalicious said...

Thanks ladies! I love love love this area too now and just can't wait to get to work in it:). And I don't have expensive taste in purses, Michelle:P - that one was an exception. Val, sorry i can't help you with the link. I haven't been on Becky's blog for a while.

Michelle said...

I just got a "coach" bag last month in NYC.....I don't have expensive tastes either....$40 bucks woot woot

Amber said...

I can't wait to have a "space" to organize all of my stuff. Right now it's in a few boxes and I pull them out to a table as necessary. It's so sad!! I love your space though!

Unknown said...

I love your workspace! (:
if only we can get our own
house, I can't wait to actually
do up my studio ^^