Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday was a pretty good day :)

I woke up pretty anxious about getting going because I have so much to do and really wanting to get lots done before the nausea hits (usually after lunch). Needless to say, we tend to dawdle when we want to do things. So it was nearly 11am when we got to North Vancouver. Need more chipboard and papers cut. We dropped off the goods and hung around this small shopping complex for about an hour. I felt woozy a few times but so far pretty good. Helped that I had a muffin shortly after eating breakfast. Then I was hungry again and ended up waiting an extra half hour for the Japanese food to be ready. Still not bad. Ate a moderate amount, still no nausea. We even stopped at 2 hardware stores for Eddie and I finished the remainder of my lunch. Didn't even need a nap until 4pm. I admitted defeat though at around 10pm cause that's when it kicked in:(. LOL! Thank you Organic Green Tea with Ginger - you made my belly feel good :).


Michelle said...

that really sucks you are not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon

humel said...

Oh good - I'm so glad it sounds like it's improving :-) Hope it continues that way! (Love the photo with the blurry Mylo lol!)

Unknown said...

glad you're coping well with
the nausea! (: sounds like you
have a good appetite. my
appetite disappeared while I was
pregnant >.<

Kelli said...

Love that picture with Mylo in the back! Glad you made it through the day.

Rainy said...

I love the dog in the background.

sugarnuggets said...

Keeping a bit of food in the tummy usually helped me keep the nausea at bay...even a few crackers in my purse. Something with a bit of salt.