Friday, October 30, 2009

Playing with my actions

So I bought these cool actions from Indie Actions a way while back and have sorta forgotten about them until I decided to play with them the other day. I don't know about you but my camera isn't always truthful - the photos look good when I'm viewing them on the camera but when I upload it to the computer, they sometimes look real crappy. I see photos that other people have taken with theirs and it always looks way better even though it's the same camera and lens. Oh and it didn't help that a coworker of mine dropped my freakin' camera from the table onto the floor when we were on an outting a while back.

So anyway, decided to play with the actions again.

Here's the original photo - pretty darn drabby don't you think?

I then went into Image>Adjustments>Curves and adjusted the brightness/contrast that way and got this. Still no real umph on this one. Sometimes I get umph if the lighting is really good but not this one.

Then I applied Indie Actions' Indie Color Foundation and got this. I like!

Happy Friday! Whatcha doing this weekend? Hugs, eve


Dawn said...

I love editing my pics! I use Picnik though.

This weekend I hope to go into labor! We'll see if my daughter has the same idea or not... lol.

Kelli said...

I took Karen Russell's Photographer's Workshop and loved it, I learned so much about my camera. I have found that I like to set my exposure to 1/3 above 0 and it helps brighten things up, I'm trying to become a better photographer without having to rely on photoshopping everything. I've only got Pioneer Woman's free actions, but they work great.

Suzanne said...

i always wish my photos had more "umph" - thanks for the tips!

i love how your doggy is in the background, centered - too cute!