Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Eddie's doing a half day at work and then coming home to decorate our little place outside. He carved 2 pumpkins last night and they're already sitting out there. Gonna convince Mylo to wear his Batman costume this year. It's so stinkin' cute on him!! Hope you and yours have a safe Halloween!


I'm gonna work on the Christmas Art Journals some more today and over the next few days. It's actually progressing along quite well. I'm aiming to have a sneak peak early this week of all the kit contents & sample pages and send out invoices. Just so I have all the waitlist people taken care of. Still aiming to ship mid November (hopefully sooner). If there are changes, I will update you here.


Kelli said...

Where are you getting costumes for Mylo? Our Linus wanted a Bumblebee costume, but we couldn't find one and I didn't have the skills to make him one.

evalicious said...

Hey Kelli, the bumble bee costume was borrowed from my friend. I'm sure you can buy them on ebay. We got his batman one from Joann's down in Bellingham. I'm sure Linus really "wants" to put on a costume like Mylo does - lol!