Thursday, October 8, 2009

some signs of fall

1. I have a really wet dog after our morning walk even with his raincoat on.
2. I go to the local dog park with a strawberry blonde Golden Retriever and come home with an unrecognizable brown one (he likes mud puddles).
3. I have to cover myself with my robe before rolling myself up with the comforter (and Eddie gets none once again) when going to bed.
4. My poor night vision kicks in by the time 7pm rolls around.
5. I'm looking forward to the heat in the yoga room (instead of dreading it like in Summer).
6. I hear Eddie muttering under his breath about having to walk the darn dog out in the miserable rain. To which I reply, "I'll do it! I love walking him in the rain!" Gets me lol every time cause he gives me this weird look. Hey - when you've had glasses all your life, you'd be happy to walk in the rain too without them (thanks to laser eye correction a few years back). For those of you who've had it done - you know what I'm talking about;).
7. All my tv shows are on again:). Yay!

What are some signs of fall for you (the not so obvious)?


It's our Thanksgiving (in Canada) this weekend so come join me again another fun giveaway! Haven't decided what it'll be yet;). Back to work tomorrow for a 5 day stretch - haven't worked that much in a row at the other job for a LONG time. xo, eve


Kelli said...

Signs of fall...squash are ready, love spaghetti squash, dog paws are muddy, dogs smell like camp fires when they come in, the leaves turning colours, and sweaters!

scrappysue said...

don't strictly have a "fall" season in Dubai of course, but there are signs that summer is nearly over. Slightly darker mornings, temperatures going below 35 degrees C (yay!) and the odd sand storm. Roll on "winter"! Sue

Amber said...

It's still quite warm down here in North Carolina but we've had a few very nice "fall" days! When those come along it means the pups love to spend time outside again (they aren't fans of the heat/humidity summer brings) and the sunroom is a favorite place to hang out and have the door open! Always a plus!!

And another favorite...pumpkin scented oils, mmm.

Dawn said...

Last weekend was our first in months that we were below 100 in Las Vegas... now we're floatin in the low 80s. Not very "Fall-ish", but we're getting there.

My signs this year that Autumn is upon us? I'm now 36 weeks pregnant and ready to bust at the seams and I cooked a pot of Chicken n' Dumplings last night!

Crossing my fingers cold weather immediately! =D

Anonymous said...

more cold weather, rain, it gets earlier dark at the evening, all the pets get more coat :)
oh your lucky you have an eye correction!!

Vivianna said...

so cute! I can't stop looking through your blog. I love it!

Unknown said...

happy thanksgiving! (:
we don't celebrate thanksgiving
at where I am, but I hope you
have a great weekend ^^

sugarnuggets said...

My Springer Spaniel's coat gets shaggy again in the fall:( I love it when it is short for summer, but we let it grow out a bit for warmth in the winter!
Another sign of fall around here...I start baking again!!! It's just too hot during our South Western Ontario summers!


Just found blog and I love it!!

Amy said...

sweet pic- you're beautiful :)

lana said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada too!