Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Journal my Christmas mini album 2007 (part 1)

This year I've decided to join in again on Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class. Will be using my Merry Christmas art journal for that:). I remember feeling really Christmasy the year that I first did this class because of the gathering of materials, photos, etc for the book. I'd print up the prompts every day (loved getting them in the mail), and journal away the rough copy on the backs of the printouts. Then I'd gather the photos if the entry needed a photo or Christmas card or whatever. Loved adding the entries in the book every few days. It was a process that I enjoyed and looked forward to rather than dread. Only cause there was so much to share/write about. I was a little hesistant to do the journal again last year because I thought the entries would be too similar so decided to skip it instead. Because this year is already so different (with new life inside me and all;)) - thought it'd be perfect to put these new thoughts down.

So thought i'd share my journal from 2007 this December. Breaking it down into a few parts though. I used a 7Gypsies envelope album (4.5"x 10.5") and added extra pages and flaps into the book to accommodate all the entries.

Dec 1 assignment: The intro to my journal.

Dec 2 assignment: I made this extra page with a piece of textured cardstock. I tore one edge off and folded the other edge one inch onto itself, added a long string of embroidery floss into the flap before taping it closed then tied the embroidery floss along the coil spine of the book (see photo below).

Added journaling to backside of cardstock.

Dec 3 assignment: Added a Christmas card front that me & eddie made the year before.

I added the card front into the book by cutting a piece of green cardstock ~2.5"x2.5" and adhering it on like above. Also decided to add a small piece of velcro underneath the date flap to make it stick onto the book's envelope page. The backside of the card front housed a funny story about how we made like 30 or 60 of these babies but then got too lazy to write in them and mail them out in the end. LOL!

Dec 4 assignment: lots of journaling. Entry tucked inside envelope.

Dec 5 assignment: a note about the good & the bad

Best Christmas ever (so far) was the year that Eddie proposed to me on Christmas Eve (with a scrapbook - will have to share that too soon;)). Bad? Spending the last bit of my hard earned money when I was younger on an ex who didn't deserve it.

Dec 6 assignment: about advent calendars...

Dec 7 assignment: Christmas shopping. Was just talking to Eddie about how this part is so not happening for me this year.

Anybody else taking this class? If you're using your Art Journal as a December daily, has it arrived yet? Or have you pulled out your post-it notes and pen to document your day?

Had a really really bad day yesterday and spent all day in bed/couch so I'm hoping I'll still feel ok this evening so we can go to IKEA to buy a few of those pretty star lights for our living room window. Has Christmas started in your home yet? I'm still trying to convince Eddie that it's OK to put up decorations now - it's December already!! He's waiting for the 12th LOL (Christmas will be over in no time after that) - grr!!!


Michelle said...

we have one decoration up....but I think the kids are going to be ready to decorate tomorrow afterschool. We have a countdown that needs to go outside, so it will probably start the frenzy!!

Hope you are feeling better soon! Take care of yourself and the bun in the oven!!!!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

What a fun album! Next year will be totally different for you two since you will be THREE! :o)

I don't have any decorations up yet because last week I did Thanksgiving AND my hubby's birthday party back-to-back. This weekend all the Christmas boxes will come out of the attic and I'll get it done! :o)

Mel said...

i love your beautiful 2007 album! thank you for sharing it and i hope you feel better soon.

humel said...

It looks fab, Eve - can't wait to see this year's! :-)

No decorations here yet, 'cos my son's birthday is next week so we always make sure he gets a proper celebration before Christmas takes over.

Hope you feel much better today xx

Unknown said...

this is a great journal!
I love it :D

Kelli said...

I can't believe how fast Christmas is coming!
I am doing a Daily December album like Ali Edwards. It's only day 2 and I fear I am falling behind.
We have the lights on the house, but the inside decorating won't start till the weekend.

MichelleB said...

This is a great journal! Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing it!

pickles99 said...

love your journal. i'm making one for the first time, and it's slow going. Definitely get your decorations out and up. thanks to my 10 yr. old daughter; out house has been decorated since the second week in Nov.! love it!

linda t :)

Thomas55 said...

We can visit IKEA this evening to acquire some of those gorgeous star lights for our living room window if I'm still feeling okay. Has Christmas already begun in your home
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christopher hale said...

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