Friday, January 22, 2010

A little getaway

My friend Yolanda and her hubby invited us to spend 2 nights with them at the suite they rented up in Whistler, BC on Jan 9 & 10. We stopped at Subway before making the trek up the mountain on Saturday evening. It was the first time in my life that I ate a whole foot-long by myself LOL!

It was so pretty up there. I was mesmerized by the lights that draped each tree and its branches (as you can see in the photo). I love how I never go hungry when I'm near Yolanda. She had a ton of food waiting for us up there. I never truly appreciate her love for food until this moment in my life:). Eddie gave up his chance at snowboarding to walk around the village on Sunday with me while Yol and her hubby went skiing. We met up again in the evening for hot pot and another game of Yahtzee. Made the trek down the mountain on Sunday late morning. Think this might be our only escape before baby arrives.


humel said...

Oh, how beautiful :-) I'm so glad you got the chance to go away - and that you realised how precious it was so you enjoyed it to the max! x

Kelli said...

Sounds like a great little get away!

Vivs said...

You look so cute in the bear hat!