Sunday, January 3, 2010

A quick hello

Happy New Year!! Sorry I've been MIA for the last bit. The preChristmas season and then Christmas rush has been fun but definitely a little too much for me to handle. I didn't know being pregnant took so much work! LOL. As you can probably tell by my frequent posts (being sarcastic here) that it takes a lot of effort for me to drag my butt down to my studio/computer to make a blog post. Please forgive me!!

A colleague friend of mine who just had her second baby told me that she was taking these photos of herself in the same bikini every few weeks and thought it was so neat to get to look back on them afterwards. So I decided to start doing that too. This one was my first at 17 weeks and with my yoga gear on. Haven't been doing yoga for the last 10 weeks because it was just too difficult to coordinate my eating schedule with it (gotta be with empty stomach for 2 hours before yoga and unfortunately I eat almost every hour LOL). Ladies at work had a good laugh at me cause I told them I gained 5lbs from week 15 to 16 and must cut down on all the cheese I've been eating. One said, "5lbs times 40 weeks...hmmm".


Haven't posted our first US photo (12 weeks) of the l'il bugger we call Mr. Burns (head totally looks like Mr. Burns' head from the Simpsons). Isn't it terrible to say that about my unborn child? Can't believe we're having our detailed US already in another 3 weeks. So can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl.


Unknown said...

this is very exciting! (:

Queen of Bristol said...

You look gorgeous!
I find it really funny to call the baby Mr. Burns - just never show this blog entry to your child later :-)))
All the best to you

humel said...

Hi Eve, best wishes for 2010! Sorry I've neglected your blog lately, I've been a bit rubbish with everyone's, but it's good to catch up :-)

Be careful with bump nicknames lol - our friends called their bump 'Fred' as a joke and when he was born the name just stuck! At least 'Fred' isn't such a bad name, but Mr Burns may suffer a bit of teasing at school... ;-)

Kelli said...

Maybe you can call the baby by his first name, Montgomery. That's not as bad as Mr. Burns.
You look great. I'm about that big and I'm not even pregnant.

rev said...

you look gorgeous girl, and it really is fun to watch belly shots in a row in a few months! and don't worry about the weight! it'll come off. or not. and than that's just freaking proof that a person lived in you. that's what i say :D

Genevieve said...

Haha, we called our baby "it" for the first 20 weeks, and sometimes I'll still say "it" by accident even though we know it's a boy. And you look great for 17 Weeks! (I started to really notice the bump coming out at 18 Weeks, it went from just a little thing to a huge monster in 2 weeks, I think I gained 5lbs in a week too!) Keep it up, you're growing your baby right! :)

Anonymous said...

it is so wonderful to see the happiness in your face. take care.

Rosalind said...

Congratulations on future babydom!

I recently bought the Vintage School Art Journal, and I love it, although I'm using it a little differently than intended. I put some pictures up of what I've done, and I linked to your blog. If you're interested in taking a look, the link to my blog is here. Thanks for blogging and creating!