Friday, February 26, 2010

escape art journal back in stock :)

The last batch sold out really quick so I made another batch but this time there's only 43. They've been relisted :). Thank you for your patience! This is definitely the last batch so please get it before they're really gone. You can find them here or here.

Just had my Gestational glucose tolerance test (the 1 hour one) done so crossing fingers that won't have to do the 3 hour one or have to go pay the Diabetes centre a visit. Happy Friday everyone:).


Vivs said...

yay! I love this kit! it is one of my favs.

sarah bear said...

woo-hoo! Just ordered mine & will be saving it for my trip to Montana in August!!

MichelleB said...

This is a fabulous kit! Love mine and can't wait for my trip this summer to use it!