Monday, May 24, 2010

i just wanna make stuff :)

If you got the Vintage Random Memories art journal, you might've gotten a smaller version of one of these Elle's Studio packaging backings. I have tons of them from ordering her lovely tags for my kits and they're just so pretty that I don't like throwing them away. These are the larger ones that I decided to hang onto and am including in my next project :). What I did with them is paint Gesso on her company name inside the bracket. Gesso is like a very dense white acrylic white paint. For the red pieces on the left, there's only one coat of Gesso so far while the non-red pieces have 2 coats. You can see that it's covered almost all of the Elle's logo. I'm just leaving it at 2 coats. After you add handwriting on it, it'll barely be noticeable.

I did up some new sample embellishments for my July release and got to pulling out the stash that I collected on my birthday trip to Vancouver. So much fun and inspiring stuff in these baggies! Makes me so happy that I get to turn one person's "junk" into lovely treasures for you :). There's upcycle, found and vintage goodies in there just waiting patiently for me.

I could just hang out here for hours (which I did last evening and already this morning) but we have to put playing in the studio on hold for a bit to do some nesting :P.

What are you doing today?


Amber said...

Fun!! Today I deep cleaned and re-arranged my livingroom. We'll be moving abroad in just a few months so I need to get it "show ready" here shortly! Tons of work to do but fortunately I'm about done with work so it will give me plenty of time to get it all done.

sugarnuggets said...

I went shopping in the country to some little shops with 3 girlfriends. It was awesome. One stop has a garden with little tea rooms where little groups of four can sit and sip tea and coffee. So relaxing. Just the girls.

I'm so lucky to have those three sister friends.

elisa said...

i found the perfect spot for one of your embellishments. i am so excited. been waiting for that perfect spot!