Saturday, May 22, 2010


It's our 2 year wedding anniversary at the end of the month:). A little about this little book...when Eddie proposed a few years back, he did it with a scrapbook that he had made (a project that I totally have to share still cause it was the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me). At the end of the book, the journaling read, "will you marry me?" I bawled so hard that he teased me about not answering his question. So I made him a "YES" book and gave it to him during our wedding ceremony before we exchanged our vows.

Journaling reads: Yes to the respect for & loyalty to me…You know me very well but still accept me for who I am. Never judgmental. Took me a while to accept that this is actually real but I am glad I did & we are where we’re at.

Journaling reads: Yes to your patience & love. I say this because you have so much more than I do & I need you to remind me to be a little more of both. With you, I am a better person. Please continue to have patience with me as I work through my inner self. I promise I will try to be better today than yesterday.

Journaling reads: Yes to all the little things you do for me. Like drive me to scrapbook stores, drive me in the dark, take me to the US to go shopping even though it’s not fun for you, let me buy more scrapbook stuff (even though I have a ton already). Just to make me happy. For cleaning up after me…the kitchen & the mess I leave.

Journaling reads: Yes to raising Mylo together. To having him sleep with both of us in bed together with him. To being pack leaders together. To make decisions together on his care. To being together with him/for him until he takes his last breath.

Journaling reads: Yes to the ups & downs that we will face throughout our lifetime together. As long as we learn from them & grow stronger in our relationship & love for one another. Yes to never being too proud to admit that I’m wrong & to say that I’m sorry.

Journaling reads: Yes to having our families as one. To coming along to see your mom & spend time with her & yes to you coming to see my parents with me as well as my grandma. Yes to another excuse to spend time together. Yes to being a Johnson.

Journaling reads: Yes to having your baby. I know we talked about this lots lately. I know you can go either way but it makes me smile when I hear you talking plans for a baby in the future even though I’m negative about it at times. When we do make the decision, I’d be more than honoured to have your child.

Journaling reads: Yes to never breaking this pact we make to/with each other. Yes to spending the rest of my life with you. To wake up with you next to me every day until death do us apart or a nursing home does. I think so much of & am saddened by all the breakups & divorces because I don’t take marriage as a light matter. It’s important to me because you are. Yes to trusting you with my heart, with my life.

Papers: Love, Elsie
Transparency: Hambly Studios
Label stickers: Fontwerks,
Stamps: Education Insight, Autumn Leaves, Fontwerks
Ribbons: American Crafts, May Arts
Vintage Dictionary Flowers & Letter Circles:
Rhinestone stickers: Richard Marks
Chipboard: Centennial Bookbinding
Book coil: Bind It All
Pen: Sakura Microperm
Other: notebook ledger paper from Dollar store

Do you have a mini album or layout that you like to pull out every year, look through it and reflect a little?


Unknown said...

eve, these are really good (:
simple mini albums but so much
meaning (:

June K said...

Thanks for sharing. Your album is so adorable -- thanks for sharing such personal stuff.


ateliersdeval said...

I love your scrapbooks !

Susan said...

WONDERFUL and SO meaningful! Thanks for sharing!

tori said...

Very sweet album! It was the perfect inspiration for a little album I've been working on... thank you!

Olya Chudoolya said...

amazing scrapbook, so warm and full of love!!!! just love it!!!