Wednesday, August 11, 2010

making mini photos

I received a comment about how to make my mini photos so thought I'd make a post about it. For my new mini art journal, I printed a bunch of mini photos to include. Mainly because it fits nicer with the journal and because it's cheaper than if I were to print all of it in 4"x6" and then crop it. There are about 100 photos that I printed. I won't be using it all but that would've cost me $39+ where I get mine printed (at 39 cents a print). Instead it cost me about $10. This is how I do it (with Photoshop):

1. Click on File->New
2. On your settings in screen that pops up, change pixels to inches on your width and height
3. Enter the numbers of your width and height. I did width=4, height=6 when I'm dealing with my photos in portrait format (vertical).
4. Under resolution, make sure it's set at "300 pixels/inch" because that's what your photos are most likely set at (unless you're doing iphone photos)
5. I just leave the rest alone and it's usually fine (we'll call this your "New Blank Canvas"
6. Open your photos that are in portrait format (not landscape) that you want to convert to minis
7. Convert all your photos that you opened in step 5 by clicking on
Image->Image Size. Under document size: width=2, height=3. Make sure that pixels/inch is set at 300 also or this photo won't "move" to your blank canvas. Oh, if you choose to save these images, do so as a copy or you'll lose your original photo size. I just leave mine and don't save.
8. When done converting your images to 2"x3", click on/select the "move" tool that is on the top right of the tool bar. Then click one of your new mini photos and drag it onto your new blank canvas and position it on one corner then repeat until the new canvas has 4 photos in it.
9. Save your new blank canvas

Did I say at the beginning that it's tedious? I'm not sure if there's an easier way. If your photolab has a choice to print wallet size photos then go for that but the one I used didn't so I had to do it this way. If there's an easier way, please let me know!!


Kim Ryden said...

Check out Collage prints at!! I think you will love them. You can get as many pictures as you want on a 4x6 print for 29 cents. Of course, the more you put on there, the smaller they get!

dragonflydreamer said...

So nice of you to post a little tutorial of how you make your mini photos.

Luluuk said...

I use the collage feature on Picasa - easy peasy -just choose 4 photos of the same orientation. Like you I then just upload them to my online printing and cut them into 4 or more)
Love the Blog!
Lulu in the UK

s a n s k u :) said... is a free photo editing program and it makes this kind of stuff really easy. you just drag pictures into a template.

A Soldier Girl said...

you are fabulous girl always sharing. You can also use that is how I do my collage photos.

Ingrid Aukan said...

I use picasa 3, where you have the option of making collages. If your images are already the right size(2*3), you easily make them into a collage, all ready for printing. Once your used to picasa, it's really simple, and much faster than photoshop - believe me. :)

Unknown said...

I agree with John, technologies are moving so fast. Ten years letter I guess it was something really imaginable, but now it's real. Besides, I love such phone apps, because they make it easier for me to promote my photo-works on social media, which is really important for my career. Recently, though I was using, It's pretty cool as well, you should check it out.