Wednesday, December 22, 2010

he & she

{here's Mylo, Joanne :)}

He comes to greet us at the door and sniffs her when we return home.
She stares at him with a look that says she doesn't know what to make of this large beast in front of her. LOL.
He comes trotting over to the dining area whenever she is being fed in hopes that he would get some of her food.
She gets sad and pouty face when she thinks her dad is hurting him when dad is really just play beating him.
He makes a run for it whenever she starts crying or making a lot of noise.
She occasionally gets startled when he barks for no reason but most of the time it doesn't phase her because she's already used to all his racket while being inside her mama's belly.
He's taken a liking to her and has accepted her into his home.
She's realising that he's also a part of her family and likes him too.


He's been so good with the new change to our household and oh so patient. I feel terrible that he's been neglected by me while I focus on looking after this new little human being who needs my undivided attention a lot of the time. Glad Eddie gives him lots of attention. Wish he can understand that this period is temporary and that she will get older and not need their mama's attention as much.


Joanne said...

I LOVE it!!!! Thank you for that special post and picture of the two of them together! Awesome. You made my day.

Jane said...

Adorable! He looks like a very patient dog....He's going to get a new BFF and playmate soon enough!

Kelli said...

So cute! Thanks for the Mylo update!