Friday, December 24, 2010

Photoshop Express for iPhone

Have you heard of this app for those of you with an iPhone? The quality of the photos on my phone have been very disappointing and it just so happens that I was reading a Journal Your Christmas email and Shimelle talked about Tiltshift Generator to apply cool effects to your photos on your iPhone. So I went and got it but then browsed around some more and found Photoshop Express and like it so much more! Can't wait to take more photos so that I could use this app!

This is the "before" photo:

The "after" photo with PSE:
First I opened my file and cropped it once.

And again.

Then I applied a Vignette Blur under "effects".

Next I increased the exposure and decreased the saturation.

And got this.

The photo seemed crooked so I straigtened it.

And got this.

Then I applied a film emulsion border.

Saved & exit and got this :). All within a matter of minutes. App could use a white balance feature though then munchkin wouldn't look so orange:P.

I just left the file size as is to upload onto my blog but before I print the photos, I'll convert them all to 300dpi on Photoshop (iphone photos are 72dpi only) on my computer.


Are you all ready for Christmas? You're running out of time if not lol! I just finished wrapping all the gifts yesterday so just have to clean up now. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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imanewbierunner said...

holy moly! love that app! and your photos too! :)